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bicycle accident lawyer

The period after a brutal bicycle mishap can be an excruciating time. Casualties must act rapidly in the midst of the bedlam. Ontario’s protection laws states that you must advise your insurance agency (or the at-blame driver’s insurance agency) inside 7 days of the accident. Furthermore, you have only 30 days in which to petition for Accident Benefits subsequent to getting the application.

Legitimate Advice from a Firm that Understands Your Case

The legal advisors at Personal Injury Lawyer Hamilton have over many years of experience speaking to individual damage casualties. This incorporates taking care of a large number of genuine mischance claims. Our legal advisors comprehend the broad impacts a bicycle mishap can have on a casualty –   nervousness, post-traumatic effects and the day by day difficulties of recuperation. In the event that you or a friend or family member has been genuinely harmed in a bicycle mishap, we’ll battle on your sake to get mischance advantages and different types of damage pay.

The different cases we handle

The circumstance of each case varies on different situations. Some of the most common bike accident cases are as follows:

  • People walking on the sidewalk getting knocked by automobiles
  • Automobile drivers who open up the door in front of the cyclist
  • Pedestrians injured due to aggressive driving or negligence
  • Drivers who fail to see the bikers on the road or the pedestrian.

Our firm is completely versed in bicycle rights and laws in Ontario. You can call our firm anytime to file for your claim within the first 7 days of the occurrence of the accident. Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers will be more than happy to assist you and get the compensation you have the right for. Call us now or send us an email to book your appointment.



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