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What does a Personal Injury Lawyer do?

The prime focus of a personal injury lawyer is to deal with cases that are related to motor accidents, medical failures by doctors or anyone who has suffered due to someone else’s recklessness. Our firm has the best lawyer practicing these cases from the past decided dealing with different kinds of scenarios. We are dedicated to solely focus on the client instead of the insurance company. Our lawyer will do his very best to represent you and the get verdict in your favor.

What fees will I have to pay?

The first thought that comes in everyone’s mind is how much money I will have to spend to recover. We understand all our clients’ feelings during this hard time and do not burden clients for instant payments. We know that accidents can leave a traumatizing effect on the client and their family. We don’t charge a single penny until the resolution has been favorable towards the client. We openly disclose the fees and net pay the person will receive and pay.

How long does it take to resolve a personal injury case?

No one can predict how long will it take for the case to close. There are many factors that affect the duration of the case. We will discuss all the details regarding the duration during the free consultation. But be aware of the fact that some delays are unavoidable and unpredictable. We will ensure to give you a prediction as soon as we have a clear picture before carrying on with case on your own instructions.

Do I still have a case if I was “at fault”?

You may still have a chance to receive some portion of the benefit depending on the nature of the case. This is one of the most complex question to answer and only a detailed report analyzed by one of our legal counselor will be able to tell you the exact scenario and amount you will receive.

What kind of recovery can I expect?

Each recovery depends on your life and current income earning potential. Another key factor is the nature of the injury. Once all these key things are evaluated, only then your lawyer will be able to tell you the exact compensation you can receive.

Can I claim medical expenses?

Yes, you could be entitled to receive medical expenses once we consider any medical or rehabilitation cost that may arise in the future. You can keep this money for your future medical needs.

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